Op number 8

Hi everyone.

This is Beth’s mum and I’m writing on behalf of Beth to let you know what’s been going on.
She doped up to the eyeballs on opiates and is pretty incoherent. She has asked me to pen something to fill you in on the last few months.

Since the summer her health has been steadily declining and the infection we all thought she had beaten has reared its ugly head once again. She managed a fabulous holiday to Sicily in July but since then life has not been so good and an attempted trip to Iceland was cut short due to excruciating pain.

Beth has today been admitted back into Stanmore hospital to have the metalwork removed from her spine. This is the only way they can truly hope to eradicate the infection once and for all. It is exceptionally difficult to clear infections when the metalwork is colonised as it has no blood supply and therefore antibiotics really can’t get to the area they need to get to.

Tomorrow she shall be wheeled into the operating theatre with five consultant surgeons and two anaesthetists to once again open her up front and back. This operation is uncharted territory for all of us as Beth is now so complicated no one can predict what will happen.

This operation may be done in one or two stages, she may have muscle flap surgery performed or she may not. This surgery is not without risk and we’re all pretty scared to be honest, however it has to be done. There is no choice as effective antibiotics are running out rapidly and quite frankly she cannot go on like this.

Her pain is now unmanageable and I have to put her to bed most nights as she’s too confused and tired to be independent and safe. Sepsis is just waiting around the corner now and Beth’s already had two admissions since June and a blood transfusion. This doesn’t sound a lot but this will only get worse with time. Eventually she will become too sick for surgery and the antibiotics stop working.

So tomorrow sees more surgery, more blood transfusions, more pain and more fear. We have been warned that the first few days are going to be very rocky and sepsis is a real risk. She will likely be in itu for at least a week and to be prepared for a hospital admission from between two weeks to two months.

That’s about it folks. It’s crappy and scary but she couldn’t be in better hands. The surgeons involved have planned for this surgery to the nth degree. Microbiology have swabbed her back so many times they have a carefully laid out plan for intra operative and post operative antibiotic cover. They are taking no chances. I am trusting these people with my daughters life and I know they will absolutely do everything within their power to keep her safe.

We will try and update everyone when we can however it can be very difficult to reply to everyone. If you do message please know we appreciate every single one of them. If you don’t hear back from us please rest assured that it helps to know we’re in your thoughts. There will be very scary moments over the next few days and those messages often come just when we need them most.

Thank you everyone for your continued support.


ps: Beth still has her glorious sense of humour though and has asked me tell you all that she should be praised right now. You may wonder why she deserved this!

Well, she just restrained herself from punching a doctor in the nose when he uttered the immortal words, “Everything happens for a reason!”

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Deb Rogalski

Dear dear Allison,
I have so much in my heart to say. Though no words cannot adequately describe my reaction, nor my desire to protect you and Beth, and the family from this pain and frightening path. Know that my love is here with you all and if you need me, to vent, to cry, to know that you are heard… please reach out , day or night. My ending sign off to my kids…
and you…Olive u! Deb

Jane Radcliffe

Sending best wishes and our thoughts to Beyh and your family. I am a good friend of Mandie’s (Golder) xxxx


Oh Beth sending gentle hugs and lots of love xxx and hugs and love for you too Allison, Neal and Luke. Xxx


Well done Beth for showing restraint and for holding your Mum back too. You are all in my thoughts. Sending love and hugs,
Marilyn x

Lydia Anso

I’m sorry to hear what a crappy you are all going through. I’m sending all my positive thoughts and preys your way for a successful surgery and a speedy, uncomplicated recovery. Kia Kaha.


Beth is an extremely brave and courageous young woman. Hoping her inner strength will help her at this time and provide her family with the additional courage as well

Pat Harmon

Praised? Forget it! For not punching him after THAT remark, she should be canonized and be given free chocolate forever. Or at least be crowned Empress! (Since your country already has a queen!)
In all seriousness, though, I can’t tell you how sorry I am that she – and you all – have to go through all this. Hugs, love, strength, positive thoughts, and prayers are flying across the Atlantic right now. ??????

Helen Chiarelli

Any words at all seem inadequate after reading this this evening Alison but just wanted to send my love and wish you all good luck. Will be thinking of Beth tomorrow and beyond and longing for a successful outcome. Helen x

Lesley Williams

Will be thinking of you all tomorrow especially Beth! Lots of love ❤️ Lesley xx


Ohh Beth I am so sorry that you are back in hospital again to have this ordeal all over again, I remember when you have your very first operation at the RNOH, you weren’t too happy with being in the ward and also how anxious you were about such big operation. My prayers are with you and your lovely family, I can’t say a speedy recovery because this operation does take time to recover from … lot of love ❤️❤️ Sophi

Helen Pell

Allison, you and all your family have been through and are still going through so so much, more than a family should have to go through. Beth is to be highly commended for not punching that doctor and his trite and offensive comment. Sending you all lots of positive thoughts and strength for the days and weeks ahead.
(I’m a school friend of your sister and have a son of 20 with a complicated back problem as a result of a genetic condition plus personal experience of cancer so have a small insight into some of what you have all had to go through). I have such admiration for Beth’s courage and eloquence and humour with all the hideous things she has had to deal with. Your recent blog on how it has been for the rest of the family was also eloquent and must have been so hard to write.
You are an amazing family and I hope that Beth’s operation goes as absolutely well as it can ???


Am keeping everything crossed for you all and sending BIG hugs. Thinking ? of you xxx

Karen Coates

We had been hoping that Beth was getting stronger every day, and we are so sorry that this is not the case. Our thoughts are with Beth and her wonderful family, particularly on this difficult day. Sending you all strength and all our love, Karen and Malcolm Coates xx


Sending positive thoughts n wishes to all of you especially your lovely girl .
No need to reply xx

Carley Dean

You are all in my thoughts. I can’t imagine what you are all going through. I wish Beth a speedy recovery, hopefully by Christmas this will be another step of her recovery in the past ❤️


Sorry to hear this. Thinking of you all and sending the best of wishes your way xx

diane z Bohn

My prayers for your Beth God sees her pain and sheveill not suffer she is beautiful

Nicola Hart

So gutted for you all that this nightmare continues. Thinking of you all, its so hard to watch someone you love going through this. Hopefully next time Beth will have a better aim re punching that doctor ! Take Care xx

Laura Krick

Praying for you all, and next time, just give them a good dose of sarcasm, “well I hope your day is as good as mine is…” Love, positive thoughts and strength to you all in the coming days.

Robin Williams

Alison, Neal and Luke, were all with you on this and look forward to Beth making a fantastic recovery. Our love to you all. Robin xxx

Rhyetta Musser

That all sounds terrible and frightening and serious. I’m glad you know she is in good hands. She will be in our thoughts and prayers from Missouri. Sending hugs.


Beth you’re in our thoughts and prayers. So sorry to hear your news. Much Love and best wishes for op. Terry Bernie and Maurice XXX ? ?

Jayne Plackett

Thank you Allison for keeping us informed when it’s such a hard time for you all xx sending love to you all and a very successful op for Beth xxx


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