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Hi everyone, I just want to say a massive apology for how I have disappeared recently without any explanation. I haven’t posted for ages, and although I have tried to muster up the energy and motivation to post I have found it difficult to keep posting so regularly since I started chemo.

My first round was on Wednesday 2nd March, and unfortunately I had quite a severe reaction to it. It was nothing life threatening or anything like that, but I felt seriously unwell almost immediately upon it being administered. I ended up being kept in ambulatory care, sleeping in the hospital hotel (yes, hotel – it is dead swanky, I’ll go into that soon!) and having to attend hospital daily from Wednesday to Monday, instead of Wednesday to Friday or Saturday as originally planned


Me with my brother, Luke. He came home this weekend and it was so lovely to see him. We went out for dinner because it is his birthday this week, which was fabulous, and we were able to take advantage of how well I was feeling. 


But! I am feeling much better now and have been back to my normal self for the last few days, which is nice because it means that I will have a nice week and a half of feeling brilliant before chemo kicks me back again. It is good to be able to go out and see people again, after I completely hid myself away for the week after chemo because I felt so unwell. My hair is beginning to go slowly, and although it isn’t noticeable I have a lovely aura of floating hair that has fallen out around me everywhere I go. They told me it would be three weeks so I guess it’s a little early – the only thing I’ve ever done early!

I will be posting soon about my egg harvest very soon, and I will be doing my best to cover that before I move on to tackling chemo. I am also aware I have still posted nothing about proton therapy treatment, so sorry about that too. Basically I have a LOT to catch up on and I promise to cover these things soon, but for now I just want to say that I may be posting less often than normal.

Chemo is hard and my brain is scrambled because of it, so blogging takes a lot more time and energy than normal. But I haven’t forgotten about all you beautiful loyal readers, and I shall be returning soon!


Me with my brother girlfriend, Jess’s, dogs on Epsom Downs whilst I was walking them with my family. It was a beautiful moment, I was so happy I nearly cried. (Although that isn’t saying much, I am embarrassingly emotional at the moment. I even cry if I see a video of a cute animal)


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Allison Semikin

That’s my girl. Well done on posting this. I know how you have felt so massive pat on the back for tapping away on the keyboard. It was a difficult introduction for sure to chemo but you got through it and are now more prepared for round two. Love you to the moon and back xxxxx???

Wendy Bamping

Super star Beth, another great post and its so nice to see that you are having a great week catching up with Luke and your friends. I’m sure you will be ready to smash the next round of chemo in the true grit of Beth Semikin.
Big hugs xxxxxxxx

Bernie Redmond

Hi Beth please stop being so hard on yourself, there is plenty of time for posting when you have chemo behind you. It is a tough treatment so look after yourself and enjoy your time with your family and lovely doggy. As you know, Terry and I have a rescue dog, now 12, that we totally adore, she is our life!! We also cry over certain posts from West Cork Animal Welfare so don’t feel embarassed!! We wish you and your Family a very happy St.Patrick’s Day from Bantry Bay. Love Terry/Bernie/Lucy XXX

Marilyn Fletcher

Beth, thank you for posting an update. I am so pleased to read it and to hear you are getting out and about this week after a very difficult first session. You are so amazing and an inspiration. I hope this lovely sunshine has been shining on you too. Enjoy the week. ?

Alicia Palomo

Beth, you CAN fight this. You are an AMAZING young woman, keep strong! We are all behind you. Lots of love!!! xxxxxxx

Pam Gardener

Your photo is gorgeous. I love the hair–but Im used to beautiful women with no hair–so you will soon be even more beautiful. Everyone will know what I know–that you are an incredible warrior woman. Stay strong and know so many are with you–sending good thoughts and hugs.

Laura Krick

Glad to hear you are on the upside and stay strong. The roller coaster can be wicked at times but when you get off, you can say you were there, you rode it like a champ and now it’s time to live the rest of your life. I pray it gets easier for you as you go through the rest of your treatments. Love from the other side of the Atlantic!


Keep being the best inspiration. Ps I got that job at uclh so may see you around. Best wishes.

Samantha Martin

It was so lovely to bump in to you and your mum today, I hope you had a fab late lunch. Beth you look fab, your mum seems to think you have a large collection of head scarves, so shoes, bags to match next on the list? As I said when I saw you, I don’t have your way with words, but I’m always thinking about you and your lovely family. Huge hugs and love. Sam & family oxo


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