Wahoooooo!! I am home!! After three weeks and two days I am finally home – I have been finally released from Stanmore! Although I am incredibly sad to have left such an amazing ward with such lovely, caring staff, I am so ready to be at home and I cannot wait to sleep in my bed tonight. Thank you so much to all my family and friends for supporting me during my time in hospital, especially my parents without whom I do not think I could have got through my time in intensive care.

I will be posting some more blog entries soon, which are actually ones that I wrote but did not get to complete over the last week or so, so get excited for that too!!

Me happy on my sofa

Me happy on my sofa


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Sue Cunningham

That’s brilliant news Beth….so happy for you! Hope you continue to make good progress ? look forward to seeing you soon…you’ve done amazingly well. Take care sweetie. Much love xxx


Fantastic news – this is the start of the rest of your life – enjoy your freedom and mums cooking & treats. Hope to see you when you are up to coming in to school!! X


So happy for you Beth xxx mum’s home cooking now and you’ll soon be fighting fit for the next stage xxxx


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