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(Un)screw You, Infection

Hello all! It’s been a weird couple of weeks with some painful and very unexpected twists and turns, but I finally am beginning to hope the worst is behind me.

Op number 8

Hi everyone. This is Beth’s mum and I’m writing on behalf of Beth to let you know what’s been going on. She doped up to the eyeballs on opiates and is pretty incoherent. She has asked me to pen something to fill you in on the last few months.

Abscess All Areas

  Apart from this introduction, I actually wrote this blog entry quite a while ago, but could not get it up when I wanted to, when I was still in hospital. I’m so much stronger now and am finally getting back to doing things that seem normal, which is just the best feeling. It has,…read more

Flashback to Surgery

I had written a post about being scared and I was putting the final touches to it, getting some photos when the craziest thing happened. Yes that’s right, you might have guessed it: I got scared!

The Princess and the Pee

This morning was tough, but tonight I am feeling brighter. I woke up, bleary eyed and nervous at half past six because today was the day they were taking my catheter out.


Wahoooooo!! I am home!! 

Post-Op Reflections

It has taken me a long time to be able to write this post, and although for the first eight days this was due to me being physically unable, for the majority of the time since leaving intensive care it has been because, each time I have picked up my tablet, mentally I have been…read more

Coming soon…

Good news! The op went well and I am finally out of intensive care.

Welcome to Stanmore

This post starts exactly as my first one did, but with a much grumpier me. I am lying in bed, trying to write this blog and trying even harder not to feel pissed.