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Hi! Thanks for coming to Tumour Has It! I apologise if you have accidentally landed here as a fan of Adele, but if this is the case please feel free, indeed obliged since I have cancer, to continue reading anyway!

My name is Beth and I am 21 years old. Earlier this year, after months of suffering with worsening sciatica, I was diagnosed with cancer, specifically a malignant peripheral neural sheath tumour (MPNST), a rare form of soft tissue sarcoma. It had been growing in a bone cavity at the base of my spine, along my sciatic nerve.

Let’s be honest, this is pretty shit. However, there are lots of parts of my life that I am pretty damned happy with… I have just finished my third year studying Physics in central London, one of my favourite cities. I love to dance, run and sing either Seal, Chaka Khan or Shaggy in the shower. Sometimes I like to mix things up and throw a bit of Destiny’s Child into the mix too (I’m pretty spontaneous). I love chocolate, pugs, Peep Show, Nicolas Cage, trash TV, cocktails, red wine and Thai Food. I love my family and my friends, which I understand may seem an obvious thing to say… but I really do.

This is not a very comprehensive description of me, but it is very much a codeine induced description of me.

Tumour Has It is my blog, and it will serve as my outlet during the incredibly tough few months ahead of me as I hope to beat cancer for good. I will be talking about my journey with cancer so far and also sharing my experiences, as well as general musings and insights.

If you have any questions or just want to share your own story, please don’t hesitate to email me at http://tumourhasit@gmail.com


Me waiting for ice cream.


allison semikin

Beth, I am so proud of you. This is brilliant. Big shout out to Kourosh and Greg for massive amount of work in helping Beth get this launched.

Kat Elliott

Beth this is awesome, well done for producing such a positive outcome given the shitty situation. I’m so shocked and sorry to hear the news, but I have very faith in your strength as a person to come out the other side smiling (and cancer-free!). Take care of yourself and I hope the operation goes well xxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Beth, I just want to firstly apologise for your awful circumstances, I cannot imagine how difficult things must have been and still must be. I just wanted to say how proud of you I feel to read your bio and all the things, some sad and some positive, that you have experienced. I wish you all the best, I really mean it x Beth Dunn x

Geraldine Chiverton

What an inspirational blog and i am sure it will inspire others to stay positive xx

Karen Colyer

You’re amazing and inspirational Beth.
Thinking of you and hope next week goes well.xx


Hi Beth, you don’t know me but I am a friend of Nikki’s. I just wanted to leave a message as you are so very amazing. Staying positive is the key and looks like you are doing exactly that! I love your blog and look forward to reading your progress in beating this tumour. Stay strong and think of lovely things you plan to do when you are well again. XX


Hi Jacqui, thank you for the message of support, I really appreciate it! So glad you like the blog… Feel free to subscribe to the mailing list, if you haven’t already, so that you can get notified whenever I put up a new post. Keep reading! Xoxoxo

Lisa Reiter

Thinking of you and hoping surgery went really well. Great to see you writing on here. It’ll keep you sane whatever bumps in the road you come across. Big hug and lots of love, Lisa xx

Marilyn and Ian

Hi Beth, We are friends of your Grandparents Lesley and Mike. They have talked to us about you and sent us your blog to see. We really hope that now you have had the big op you will soon pick up and feel better again. Treatment is probably not very pleasant but take one day at a time and keep going. Now we know about your blog we will keep an eye on how you are doing and think of you often. Well done for being so brave this far.

Samantha Martin

Happy birthday, lovely photo of you with your birthday balloons.
Love and hugs
Sam, Lee, Ian, Mark & Molly


Thanks to you all! The balloons were fab, it turns out my mum has very good taste in them! Xxx


Hey Beth this is awesome! Loving your blog and was so sad to hear about what you’re going through, but also so so impressed with your positive (and often comedic) outlook on everything that’s happened/happening.

I’ve signed up to your blog email updates and shared it on the Loughborough freshers page to get more people reading and raise awareness!

Good luck with everything, and I’ll keep everything crossed for successful treatment and more positivity!

Harriet xxx


Hey Harriet, thanks for the message! Good to hear from you, thanks so much for the support and for sharing the message. It’s great knowing I’ve got people like yourself behind me, it is so important in helping to raise awareness of sarcoma. Lots of love and I hope you are well xxxxx


Hi Beth –
Your blog was recently shared with me by one of your treating physicians at the FPTI. To allow us to travel this journey with you … a journey that you are handling with great strength and comedic perspective …. is incredibly giving of you. You are an inspiration! You are in wonderful hands at the FPTI. Looking forward to celebrating your inevitable full recovery!!


Hi Lynette! I am so pleased you like my blog! I love it at FPTI, I cannot say enough brilliant things about the centre – I feel so lucky to be being treated there! Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to comment – I feel so touched that someone at the centre thought to share this with you, it really means a lot to me xx


People are in situation worst than yours, just thank your God and keep hanging on since you can still eat and see. Don’t think about it for it will worsen your situation. Do all you can to make yourself happy. see everyday as if you will die on that day, but it will make you the happiest person to see yourself alive the next day. continue that way and you will live long and happy.

Charlotte Eardley

Hi Beth you don’t know me, but your mum taught my children and I have just read in the school’s newsletter whose daughter the collection at Christmas was in aid of and why. To say that I feel devastated for your lovely mum and you of course is an understatement. I doubt your mum will know who I am but I certainly remember her as she is such a lovely person. I just told my son and he too is so upset that you are all going through this awful time. I just looked a little at your blog and you are astounding, amazingly brave, beautiful and come across and so strong and determined. I know I am waffling but I wanted to say something and send you all lots of love and strength. With your mum beside you you can beat anything. Xxxx

Dr Shara Cohen

I just found your blog and it reads very well. I’m glad to hear things are looking up for you. Would you be interested in writing a guest blog on cancercareparcel.co.uk. Something positive? For example advice to people who have just been diagnosed or suggestions to friends of people who have been diagnosed ?


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