Monthly Archives: January 28, 2016


I had at least ten different topics set up for me to write about today, all far more intelligent and interesting than this one, but unfortunately, thanks to an uncomfortable shopping experience in Kilwins, St John’s Town Centre, Jacksonville, which led to a furious and loud car ride home, with lots of swearing, they had…read more


  After a total of 34 treatments, 25 radiotherapy and 9 proton, I have finally finished the second of my three stages of treatment. I have finally graduated from UF Proton!

Flashback to Surgery

I had written a post about being scared and I was putting the final touches to it, getting some photos when the craziest thing happened. Yes that’s right, you might have guessed it: I got scared!

Putting the Rad in Radiation

  Yesterday I finished my course of 24 radiotherapy treatments. Today I begin my course of 9 proton treatments.

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day!

When I look back, when I replay the years, I wonder to myself what are the things that have meant something special.